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Nov 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
of a show on cnbc and joins us tonight from new york city. the dow have you back on the program. >> good to be with you. >> i mentioned all this drama, what happened at the closing bell the day? >> we saw a pretty good rally, there was rhetoric over the weekend that the two sides, republicans and democrats along with the president have the will to come together on these very important issues surrounding the fiscal cliff. has been a rocky situation as investors anticipate any outgoing talks from this conversation. we are not there yet at all. the markets are still down 5% because of the uncertainties about compromise. tavis: i was watching your show this weekend, i wake up this morning and read all the major newspapers, the new york times, beating the threat of higher taxes. investments fall off a cliff. tell me what about investors are doing or not doing if they can figure out where they are going. >> they talk about when the bush tax cuts will expire, the largest increase of all incomes, 90% of then comes coinciding with the elimination of spending programs to the tune of $600
Nov 2, 2012 8:00am EDT
to a acapulco, new york city, that when first class. but this spring, somewhere along the way, -- >> all i want is for you to be a man for one thing you are life. -- for once in your life. >> there are people in town that would have shot her for $5. >> the nicest fellow i ever met. >> he didn't do it. >> an angel of death. tavis: when i first saw this, i cannot believe this was actually based on a true story. >> yes, true story. tavis: where do you find the humor in a story where a guy kills his wife? >> it is not a traditional comedy, because it is based on a true story. there is a real murder here. that is a very serious subject, so you don't want to make a mockery of the situation. you want to play it real, but there are some very peculiar things about this particular case. he is the most popular guy in this small texas town. everybody loves him. he is the least likely to be a convicted murderer. not only does he murder, but he hides the body in an ice locker and just goes about his daily business as if nothing has happened, for nine months, before anyone even asks where is
Nov 14, 2012 7:00pm EST
more. pbs. >> be more. pbs. i love new york! we're taking the whole show to new york city. we're going to see the sights... this is called the panorama of the city of new york. that's almost 900,000 structures. roger: down in the meat packing district, an old freight train line was transformed into high line park.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)